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Hippie by Lee Martin

Hippie is Gloucestershire-born adventurer Lee Martin’s “metaphysical pseudo-biography”. It is a first-person narrative of Martin’s teenage and adult years, focusing on his experiences of some of the key moments in the hippie cultural phenomenon.

A Pipe of Salvia

This is an extract from the novel Erin – featured in our latest journal – the book is available from both the Psychedelic Press UK bookshop and Amazon. Have I slept? I thought so, though I couldn’t be sure. My...

Erin by Robert Dickins

Rob Dickins is well known as a guru of psychedelia and an avid participant in the British festival scene and here, in his first novella, he blends the two ingredients in a startlingly original and creative fusion. Erin takes place...

Beyond the Will of God by David Biddle

Independently and originally published in 2012, David Biddle’s ‘Beyond the Will of God’ is a novel that artfully combines elements of the popular psychedelic movement with the plot distinctions of mysteries and thrillers. Biddle’s first novel, having also written for...

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