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Thousand Times Broken

Thousand Times Broken by Henri Michaux

Thousand Times Broken is comprised of 3 never-before-translated books by Henri Michaux, originally written between 1956-1959. Undertaken while the author experimented with mescaline, ‘Peace in the Breaking’, ‘Watchtowers on Targets’, and ‘400 Men on the Cross’, reveal the creative output of a deeply experimental artist and writer. Gillian Conoley’s translation is...

Miserable Miracle by Henri Michaux

Miserable Miracle By Henri Michaux

Originally published in France in 1956 ‘Miserable Miracle’ by Henri Michaux explores the author/artist’s experiences with mescaline; an hallucinogenic drug originally derived from the Peyote cactus. Translated into English in 1963 by Louise Varèse, this review has been written from the 2002 New York Review of Books edition and contains...

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