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BoomTown Fair review 2012: Festival Intoxication and the Theatre of Play

The summer fair, or fayre as it was once spelt, purportedly began in medieval times for entertainment and the peddling of local wares. These celebratory gatherings, however, contain a more ancient tradition—a seasonal summoning of magic. They are theatres of play in which a circus of unbridled revellery and grotesque transformation release the inner daemons … Continue reading

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Literary Review: ‘Why We Take Drugs’ by Tom Yardley

Originally published in 2012 ‘Why We Take Drugs: Seeking excess and communion in the modern world’ by Tom Yardley is a phenomenological analysis of intoxication. The book takes into account a number of theories to explain the descriptions of drug intoxication given to the author in a series of interviews with users. Yardley is currently … Continue reading

PsypressUK journal 2014 Vol. 2

Science Revealed by Reverend Nemu

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