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From the film-maker's five day boat ride from Pucallpa to Iquitos

The Mirror of the Spirit – Ayahuasca documentary

  João Meirinhos’s documentary on contemporary ayahuasca-related shamanic practices and ‘spiritual tourism’ in Peru is a classic example of a tale that grew in the telling, starting as a component in a Masters degree thesis in Visual Anthropology and expanding to become a feature-length piece. Containing much observational handheld footage,...

by Martijn (Creative Commons)

Rise of Cannabis in Modern Medicine

The rise of cannabis in modern medicine has been remarkable. Duncan Thomson investigates the many medicinal uses of cannabis that are have been uncovered in recent years, and the extent to which this much maligned plant has stood up to the medical plate.

Psychedelic Roue by Emiliano Ricci (Creative Commons)

Reigniting Awe

  This article was originally published in the Psychedelic Press UK Journal (January, 2014 Volume.1) Looking at the lives of those fully invested in the consensus reality of the conventional Western world, there is a consuming grayness, or flatness, that seems to permeate throughout. The socioeconomic and philosophical constructs, or...

by JOMS (Creative Commons)

Neurotransmitters and the Integral Approach to Reality

This article is by Dr. Neal Goldsmith. ————- Neurotransmitters and the integral approach to reality: Three types of neurotransmitters and three types of psychedelic There are three major types of psychedelics that correspond to three of our primary neurotransmitters. There are acetylcholine ‘psychedelics’ – scopolamine, atropine, and hyoscyamine, found in plants...

Sharing the Wisdom of British and World Shamanism

Sharing the Wisdom of British and World Shamanism

Shamanic lands is a two day event exploring Shamanic consciousness happening on 6th & 7th of June at the Conway Hall, London. The Shamanic Lands is a two day interactive event uniting the ancient knowledge of the British Isles and Ireland with global shamanic wisdom. We are in a time...

Courtesy of Boston Public Library

Let’s be Friends with Tobacco by Alex Robertson

The following article has been written by Alex Robertson   (@dcalexrobertson / http://www.doncharles.org ) For most people the concept of a shamanic healing retreat does not necessarily evoke images of its participants smoking big tobacco cigars throughout the course of the day. Yet, judging from my own experience at two...

By Lorna Johnson [2]

Ayahuasca and the Release of the Black Demon by Mark Flaherty

This excerpt, by Mark Flaherty, is from his book Shedding the Layers: How Ayahuasca Saved More than my Skin and appeared in the PsypressUK 2013: Anthology of Pharmacography. PsypressUK 2014 is out now and available here. As the sun begins to disappear behind the treetops, the shamans remove the brew from the fire, filtering and...

Ayahuasca and I

Ayahuasca and I: Not your typical trip report – Part 2 – by James W. Jesso

Read part 1 here. “Unexamined cultural values & limitations of language have made us unwitting prisoners of our own assumptions.” – Terence McKenna When it comes to exploring and engaging the psychedelic experience, it has creamed to the top of the research that the three main elements that influence the...


Can Animistic Perception Change the World? An interview with Robert Tindall

Robert Tindall M.A. has been kind enough to give PsypressUK an interview. Tindall is a writer, classical guitarist, long time practitioner of Zen Buddhism, and an inveterate traveler, whose work explores the crossing of frontiers into other cultures, time depths, and states of consciousness. He is the author of two books on...

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