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To Fathom Hell or Soar Angelic by Ben Sessa - Artwork by Emma Watkinson

Psychedelic ‘Antibiotic’ Therapy for Mental-Micro-Organisms

Psychedelic ‘Antibiotic’ Therapy for Mental-Micro-Organisms By Dr Joseph Langley MD MeO MRCCAP Psychiatrist and Sensory-Normalisation Pineal Realignment Therapist, San Francisco, USA (This article first appeared in the Psychedelic Press journal) Introduction: Mental health clinicians of all persuasions broadly share the same goal: we want to see the development of viable...

Trip RD97 by Gwendal Uguen Follow (Creative Commons)

A Pipe of Salvia

This is an extract from the novel Erin – featured in our latest journal – the book is available from both the Psychedelic Press UK bookshop and Amazon. Have I slept? I thought so, though I couldn’t be sure. My dreams had been so real; my reality seemingly but dreams....

Cover artwork by Tantratek

Psychedelic novel ‘Erin’ by Robert Dickins is now out

ISBN: 9780992808815 Genre: Fiction / Psychological Author: Robert Dickins It is with great pleasure that we can announce the publication of the psychedelic novel ‘Erin’ by Robert Dickins. Erin is available from our bookshop here, and Amazon. When protagonist Elijah Baillie wakes up early one morning in the arms of a mysterious girl...

Erin by Robert Dickins

Psychedelic Press Publications Review 2013

It’s been a terrific first year for the small-scale launch of the Psychedelic Press publisher. Ostensibly launched in order to publish PsypressUK: Anthology of Pharmacography, a raft of interest from both readers and writers alike means that we’ve a very full, and very interesting line-up of publications being arranged for...

Splintered Man

The Splintered Man by M. E. Chaber

Originally published in 1955 ‘The Splintered Man’ by M. E. Chaber is one of the very earliest works of fiction (and non-fiction) to deal with LSD. The book is remarkable for pointing out how LSD could easily be used by government agencies, such as the CIA, for experimentation, within the...

Gone Hallucinogen Freeway

Gone Hallucinogen Freeway by Craig J. Moore

Originally published in 2009 ‘Gone Hallucinogen Freeway’ is a stylistically experimental novel written by Craig J. Moore. Set in California, around 1967 and the summer of love, the book is narrated by Joey, and tells of his life aged seventeen, trying to find his place in the counterculture. As part...

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