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Psilocybes by Dzilam

Evolution of the Mushroom Symphony

The earliest suggested depiction of human mushroom use is represented in cave art found within the Tassili plateau in Southern Algeria, and is approximately seven thousand years old (Stamets, 1996). The artwork portrays a bee-headed figure with mushroom fruiting bodies for fingers, coupled with an outline also infused with fungal shapes. It has...

New science psychedelics

The New Science of Psychedelics by David Jay Brown

Originally published in 2013 ‘The New Science of Psychedelics: At the Nexus of Culture, Consciousness, and Spirituality’ is written by David Jay Brown. Brown is a writer who has previously penned the science-fiction novels ‘Brainchild’ and ‘Virus: The Alien Strain,’ but who is more widely known for his interview books,...

Darwins Pharmacy

Darwin’s Pharmacy by Richard M. Doyle

Published in 2011 by the University of Washington Press, ‘Darwin’s Pharmacy’ is written by Professor of English, science, technology and society, at Pennsylvania State University, Richard M. Doyle. It is an analysis of the bond between psychotropic literature and human evolution. It  attempts to link how plants, animals and the...

The Entheogenic Evolution

The Entheogenic Evolution by Martin W. Ball

Originally published in 2008 ‘The Entheogenic Evolution: Psychedelics, Consciousness and Awakening the Human Spirit’ by Martin W. Ball, PhD, is a work of exploratory non-fiction. Ball examines and intertextualizes a range of topics – social, scientific, religious and philosophical – that maps out the entheogenic plateau. The construction of the...

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