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Plant Intoxicants

Plant Intoxicants by Baron Ernst von Bibra

Originally published in Germany, in 1855, under the title ‘Die Narkotischen Genuβmittel und der Mensch’, this edition of Baron Ernst von Bibra’s ‘Plant Intoxicants’ was published in 1995 by Healing Arts Press. The book is a pioneering study of psychoactive plants and their role in society and was translated by...

The Seven Sisters of Sleep by Mordecai Cooke

The Seven Sisters of Sleep by Mordecai Cooke

Originally published in 1860 ‘The Seven Sisters of Sleep’ is a classic of Western drug literature. In over a hundred years, with no reprints until the end of the 20th century, the transformation in the importance of Mordecai Cooke’s book is exceptional. Titled in its first edition with a ‘popular history...

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