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Hippie by Lee Martin

Hippie is Gloucestershire-born adventurer Lee Martin’s “metaphysical pseudo-biography”. It is a first-person narrative of Martin’s teenage and adult years, focusing on his experiences of some of the key moments in the hippie cultural phenomenon.

Reservoir Drugs: The Enduring Myth of LSD in the Water Supply

This essay is featured in Andy Roberts’ collection Acid Drops: Adventures in Psychedelia (2016) When chemist Albert Hofmann’s accidental alchemy created LSD, a.k.a acid, in 1938 he unleashed on the world a drug so powerful that it had the power...

Interview: Leaf Fielding

Leaf Fielding is the author of ‘To Live Outside the Law’, a book that chronicles Leaf’s life and his involvement with the production and distribution of LSD during the 1970s in Britain, which led to his imprisonment during the police force’s infamous Operation...

Lessons from a Counter-Culturalist

Lessons from a Counter-Culturalist

What a strange and un-nerving presence Timothy Leary’s writings have in this post-psychedelic era. The remnants of a highly charged socio-political and quasi-religious philosophy, which not only erupted against the established norms of external power structures but which also celebrated...

The Popularization of Psychedelic Drugs

The Popularization of Psychedelic Drugs

The popularization of psychedelic drugs   The Psychedelic drug culture is a spliced entity in the 21st century. On the one hand there is law based on speculation and bad science that stipulates harsh penalties for their use. On the...

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