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Writers on Drugs tour 2018

Writers on Drugs is series of full-day and evening events that address psychedelics in all their multifarious guises – from the latest cutting-edge science, to religious and magical thinking, ecology, and the role they’ve played in the history and culture of the world.

Breaking Convention 2017: Europe’s largest psychedelic conference returns

The warm spring weather has ushered in the final months of preparation for Breaking Convention 2017: 4th International Conference on Psychedelic Consciousness. Europe’s largest psychedelic conference is back for its latest iteration on the Greenwich Campus in London, a world heritage site located on the banks of the river Thames – a spectacular location for a very special 3 days this summer.

Below the Mainstreaming: A Review of Beyond Psychedelics

At the end of September the psychedelic community gathered together in Prague, Czech Republic, for the Beyond Psychedelics conference. Over three days, numerous speakers and psychedelic enthusiasts shared their revelations, insights, hopes and beliefs in what was a brilliantly delivered...

Rio Branco, Brazil, to be transformed into the global epicenter of ayahuasca culture and debate for 2016 World Ayahuasca Conference

From October 17-22, more than 100 international expert speakers and 60 Amazonian indigenous participants representing more than 17 indigenous cultures, will gather in Rio Branco, Brazil, for the second World Ayahuasca Conference. The event will celebrate ayahuasca culture and be...

Psychedelic Renaissance in the Czech Republic

Beyond Psychedelics, the first global psychedelic forum in the history of Czech lands, is coming to Prague this Autumn. Czechoslovakia once bred some of the most influential pioneers of psychedelic research, and the Czech Republic will provide shelter to those...

Breaking Convention’s First Annual Psychedelic Research Awards

The biennial conference and psychedelic research charity Breaking Convention is proud to announce that they are opening nominations for their First Annual Research Awards. They will be giving four awards of £500, one each for best published Scientific, Social Science, Humanities...

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