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by Gordon Greentree (Creative Commons)

Microdosing with Cannabis

Microdosing is a fast-growing trend not only among those who like to experiment with psychedelic substances like LSD and magic mushrooms but also in the cannabis industry, most notably in the edibles market, and it could transform the way we take cannabis for good as well. Microdosing with Cannabis is...

by Martijn (Creative Commons)

Rise of Cannabis in Modern Medicine

The rise of cannabis in modern medicine has been remarkable. Duncan Thomson investigates the many medicinal uses of cannabis that are have been uncovered in recent years, and the extent to which this much maligned plant has stood up to the medical plate.

The Hashish Club

The Hashish Club Vol.1 & 2 by Peter Haining

Originally published in two volumes in 1975 ‘The Hashish Club: An Anthology of Drug Literature’ is compiled and edited by Peter Haines. Volume one looks at the founding of the modern tradition of pharmacography, from Coleridge to Crowley, while the second looks at the psychedelic era, Huxley to Lennon. This...

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Legal cannabis market could save £1.25bn for England and Wales

New research published this week suggests that up to £1.25bn could be saved if a regulated and taxed cannabis market was established in England and Wales. This comes at an important time for the UK’s recovering economy and points the Government toward a well-needed and advantageous move. The study, which was carried...

Spirit Plant Medicine Conference

Spirit Plant Medicine Conference

UBC, Vancouver, October 26~28, 2012 In this period of rapid change, the call to individual and collective awakening is clear. It’s beyond coincidence that the use of visionary/healing/awakening plants such as ayahuasca, psilocybe mushrooms, iboga, peyote, cannabis, and others is spreading rapidly at this time. When encountered in the best...

The Pot Book

The Pot Book: A Complete Guide to Cannabis by Julie Holland (Ed.)

Originally published in 2010 ‘The Pot Book: A complete guide to cannabis, its role in medicine, politics, science, and culture’ is a collection of articles, essays and interviews edited by Julie Holland. A psychiatrist specialising in psychopharmacology, Holland has previously edited ‘Ecstasy: The Complete Guide’ and written the bestseller ‘Weekends...

Lessons from a Counter-Culturalist

Lessons from a Counter-Culturalist

What a strange and un-nerving presence Timothy Leary’s writings have in this post-psychedelic era. The remnants of a highly charged socio-political and quasi-religious philosophy, which not only erupted against the established norms of external power structures but which also celebrated the right to our internal freedom, is today, a spectre-like...

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