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The Sugar Cube Trap by Madelaine Duke

Originally published in 1969 by Brockhampton Press (UK), and later reissued by White Lion (1974), The Sugar Cube Trap by Madelaine Duke is a short novel set in Brighton, East Sussex. After one of their friends becomes ‘hooked’ on acid and is taken to hospital, it follows the story of...

Danny Nemu

Club Imaginal Event: Danny Nemu speaking about Neuro-Apocalypse in Brighton

CLUB IMAGINAL EVENT: Danny Nemu, author of Science Revealed, will be talking about his forthcoming book Neuro-Apocalypse at the Marwood Coffee Shop in Brighton on 26 October 2016. When? Wednesday 26th of October 2016: 6:30pm – 8:30pm Where? Marwood Coffee Shop, 52 Ship Street Court, Brighton. How much? £5 entry fee....

Graham Hancock by Edward Foster

Graham Hancock: Psychedelics and Civilisation

Club Imaginal Presents: Graham Hancock: Psychedelics and Civilisation When: September 30, 2015. Time: 19:00 – 21:30 Where: the Old Courtroom, 118 Church Street, Brighton. BN1 1UD, UK. From our good friends at Club Imaginal in Brighton: After a Summer break Club Imaginal is extremely excited to be welcoming Graham Hancock...


Club Imaginal with Danny Nemu on Ayahuasca: Taboos from the Jungle to the Lab

This talk will consider how academic taboos continue to function today, by comparing modern ayahuasca science with 19th century investigations into Chinese herbalism and mesmeric amputation. We will also explore the tension in history between dominant scientific institutions and the visionary and revelatory state of the ‘Eureka moment’ which drives innovation and intellectual progress.

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