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Volume XX

Psychedelic Press Volume XX is out now!

It is with great pleasure that we can announce the publication of the latest Psychedelic Press journal – Volume XX – the first of 2017! This edition is jam-packed full of interesting articles, including our new journal editor Nikki Wyrd’s report on her first psychedelic trip (by way of an...

by Vovan UK

The Physicalism of Hallucinations

Within the realm of folk psychology, defined as ‘common sense’ by your author, humans in the western world have been shunted down a pathway of thought that seems to write off the ideas, images and concepts gleaned from certain altered states of consciousness; such as hallucinations, illusions and their ilk.  Whilst it’s...


Call for submissions: Psychedelic Press UK printed edition

This summer the Psychedelic Press UK is taking tentative steps out of the virtual into the tangible world of print publication and we are currently looking for writers to submit articles for possible inclusion. The new magazine will focus on both psychedelic studies and culture in its content, blending analytical...

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