Tagged: art

The Art of Mescaline by Mike Jay

Using a selection of dazzling and rarely seen images, Mike Jay considers the relationship between the psychedelic and the resulting work, and asks how far can we consider ‘mescaline art’ as a coherent genre.

Thousand Times Broken by Henri Michaux

Thousand Times Broken is comprised of 3 never-before-translated books by Henri Michaux, originally written between 1956-1959. Undertaken while the author experimented with mescaline, ‘Peace in the Breaking’, ‘Watchtowers on Targets’, and ‘400 Men on the Cross’, reveal the creative output of...

Mushroom Magick by Arik Roper

Published in 2009, ‘Mushroom Magick: A Visionary Field Guide’ by American illustrator and artist Arik Roper is an art book featuring watercolour paintings of various species of psychedelic (and a few non-psychedelic) mushrooms. The book also contains contributions – or...

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