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The Mirror of the Spirit – Ayahuasca documentary

  João Meirinhos’s documentary on contemporary ayahuasca-related shamanic practices and ‘spiritual tourism’ in Peru is a classic example of a tale that grew in the telling, starting as a component in a Masters degree thesis in Visual Anthropology and expanding...

Club Imaginal with Danny Nemu on Ayahuasca: Taboos from the Jungle to the Lab

This talk will consider how academic taboos continue to function today, by comparing modern ayahuasca science with 19th century investigations into Chinese herbalism and mesmeric amputation. We will also explore the tension in history between dominant scientific institutions and the visionary and revelatory state of the ‘Eureka moment’ which drives innovation and intellectual progress.

Aya2014: Joining Worlds for Bottom-up Self-regulation

Aya2014: Joining Worlds for Bottom-up Self-regulation

The rain in Spain fell heavily on the plane as it landed, and continued in thunderous bursts for the three days of the ICEERS Aya2014 conference in Ibiza. Ben De Loenen opened proceedings by thanking the Beckley Foundation and MAPS,...

William Burroughs: Ayahuasca Tourist

William Burroughs: Ayahuasca Tourist

Way back in 1951, three years before Aldous Huxley published The Doors of Perception and awareness of the entheogenic properties of psychedelics in the West was almost non-existent, William Burroughs made his first expedition to Panama and Ecuador in search...

Interview with Hillary S. Webb

Hillary S. Webb is an anthropologist and author who has recently written ‘Yanantin and Masintin in the Andean World: Complementary Dualism in Modern Peru’. She’s been kind enough to answer some of PsypressUK’s questions on her experiences of Peru and...

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