Category: 2014 – Present

Reviews of psychedelic literature, trip lit and drug-related writing first published between 2014 and the present.


Undercover: Operation Julie – the Inside Story by Stephen Bentley

As a historian of LSD culture in Britain (author of Albion Dreaming (2008) and Acid Drops: Adventures in Psychedelia (2015) with a special interest in the people and events which coalesced into what has become known in drug culture shorthand as Operation Julie, Steve was good enough to send me a...


Articulations: On the Utilization and Meanings of Psychedelics by Julian Palmer

Julian Palmer’s Articulations (2014) is a personal treatise on psychedelic plants and substances based largely on the author’s 15 years of “profound research”. Taking into account both natural and synthetic substances, the author outlines the lessons he has gleaned from his experimentation, bolstered by personal trip reports, and discusses much...

Mystery School in Hyper Space

Mystery School in Hyperspace: A Cultural History of DMT by Graham St John

Graham St John’s Mystery School in Hyperspace: A Cultural History of DMT was first published in 2015 by Evolver Editions. The book joins other cultural histories centred on particular psychoactive substances, such as Shroom (2006) by Andy Letcher, Storming Heaven (1987) by Jay Stevens, and Albion Dreaming (2008) by Andy...

The Rose of Paracelsus by William Leonard Pickard

The Rose of Paracelsus by William Leonard Pickard

The Rose of Paracelsus: On Secrets & Sacraments is something of a rare find when it comes to books on psychedelics. Described by its author, former Harvard and UCLA researcher William Leonard Pickard, as a “literary experiment,” his 2016 debut is an intriguing exploration of altered states of consciousness from...

Aldous Huxley's Hands

Aldous Huxley’s Hands by Allene Symons

Originally published in 2015 by Prometheus Books, Aldous Huxley’s Hands: His Quest for Perception and the Origin and Return of Psychedelic Science by Allene Symons is a fascinating, multi-layered story. Part personal account, and part Huxley biography, the book is a lucidly told tale of exploration and experimentation. Symons, a former...

To Fathom Hell or Soar Angelic by Ben Sessa - Artwork by Emma Watkinson

To Fathom Hell or Soar Angelic by Ben Sessa

Author Ben Sessa is a psychiatrist, and his novel starts with a psychiatrist character, Dr Robert Austell, having a violent fantasy where he cuts a patient’s throat with a scalpel and nonchalantly watches her bleed to death. The reader can be forgiven for momentarily wandering just how autobiographical the work is, and...

The Museum Dose by Daniel Tumbleweed

The Museum Dose by Daniel Tumbleweed

The books I most enjoy reviewing are those that turn up unannounced on my doorstep. Books that haven’t been heavily marketed on the fact that you’re already aware of the majority of their content, or that slip into a reading category so rigid and pre-defined that its content is predictable...

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