Category: 2001 – 2010


Birth of a Psychedelic Culture

Originally published in 2010 ‘Birth of a Psychedelic Culture – Conversations about Leary, the Harvard experiment, Millbrook and the Sixties’ is a fascinating insight into the early years of the Western social phenomena, known as psychedelia. Its multifaceted approach produces a wonderfully rounded examination of life within the burgeoning psychedelic...

Albion Dreaming

Albion Dreaming By Andy Roberts

‘Albion Dreaming’,  written by Andy Roberts, was first published in 2008 by Marshall Cavendish. The book explores the history of LSD use in Britain, charting the military, scientific and cultural use of the psychedelic since its introduction in 1952. Joining an illustrious line of psychedelic drug histories, ‘Albion Dreaming’ is...

Shroom by Andy Letcher

Shroom: A Cultural History of the Magic Mushroom By Andy Letcher

Originally published in 2006, Shroom: A cultural History of the magic mushroom is one of the best written secondary works of psychedelic literature available. It examines a traceable history through what we can know to be sure about the cultural use of psilocybin mushrooms, to what smacks of cultural story-telling,...

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