Category: Psychedelic Book Review

Reviews of books dealing with the history, science, and culture of psychoactive substances.

Hippie by Lee Martin (2016)

Hippie by Lee Martin

Hippie is Gloucestershire-born adventurer Lee Martin’s “metaphysical pseudo-biography”. It is a first-person narrative of Martin’s teenage and adult years, focusing on his experiences of some of the key moments in the hippie cultural phenomenon.

Leaf by Leaf - Leaf Fielding

Leaf by Leaf by Leaf Fielding

Leaf Fielding, member of the legendary ‘Operation Julie’ LSD-manufacturing-and-distribution ring, was busted in 1977 and spent five years in jail, ending his sentence at Leyhill Open Prison. He published his memoir, To Live Outside the Law, in 2011 – a gripping account of the Julie bust, the events that led...


The Gantry Episode by June Drummond

The Gantry Episode (1968) by June Drummond was published by Victor Gollancz. One of a host of novels published in the late 1960s, which all had LSD being pumped into a local water supply as their major premise, this particular one manages to stay well clear of any lurid hippie...


The Sugar Cube Trap by Madelaine Duke

Originally published in 1969 by Brockhampton Press (UK), and later reissued by White Lion (1974), The Sugar Cube Trap by Madelaine Duke is a short novel set in Brighton, East Sussex. After one of their friends becomes ‘hooked’ on acid and is taken to hospital, it follows the story of...

Lovemaster by Lambert Macy

Lovemaster by Lambert Macy

Published in the United States in 1967, Lovemaster by Lambert Macy is a hippie exploitation novel set against the backdrop of LSD’s emergence into the youth culture of the 1960s. It is told from the point of view of protagonist Dr Victor X Storm, known by friends and enemies alike as...

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