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Creative Commons by torbakhopper

Can You Buy Brains? Introducing Smart Drugs

College and university is an incredibly stressful time of your life. You’ve just finished high school where you were one of, if not, the smartest kid in school. Straight A’s came easy to you, your GPA was off the charts and everyone around you was in awe of how clever...

To Fathom Hell or Soar Angelic by Ben Sessa - Artwork by Emma Watkinson

Psychedelic ‘Antibiotic’ Therapy for Mental-Micro-Organisms

Psychedelic ‘Antibiotic’ Therapy for Mental-Micro-Organisms By Dr Joseph Langley MD MeO MRCCAP Psychiatrist and Sensory-Normalisation Pineal Realignment Therapist, San Francisco, USA (This article first appeared in the Psychedelic Press journal) Introduction: Mental health clinicians of all persuasions broadly share the same goal: we want to see the development of viable...

The Paradox of Lucid Dreaming by Dr Rory Mac Sweeney

Dream Tripping: Getting High in Deep Sleep

As we lift off into this new millennium, the world seems ever so saturated with possibility. Moore’s law speculates an exponential increase in computing complexity, the likes of which the Universe may have never known before. The world is swarming with ideas. One cannot help but to feel that the...

Freed by new 1lluminati

Psychedelic Society Revisited: On Reducing Valves, Reality Tunnels and the Question of Psychedelic Culture

—– This article first appeared in the bi-monthly Psychedelic Press UK print journal, August 2015 (Volume IV). You can pick up a copy of the journal here, or subscribe and have original, innovative and select psychedelic literature delivered straight to your door every couple of months. —– Some thirty years...

Psychedelic LSD Trip by Jonathan Zegarra

A Brief History of LSD in the Twenty-First Century

This article first appeared in the Psychedelic Press UK Journal (June, 2015 Volume III): An issue dedicated to the history and literature of psychedelics, and in particular LSD. Copies of which are available from the Psychedelic Press Shop here for £6. Since Swiss scientist Albert Hofmann accidentally discovered LSD’s psychedelic...

Shadow Dancer by Magdelena Roeseler

My First Darkness (Part 2): Purging through the Entheos

Through discovering the fascia of my insights – the lateral connectedness of various ideas over time – I have slowly begun to piece things together and in turn garner a deeper understanding on that which I already knew. “In an intentional space, I have been using entheogens to open myself...

Where The Wild Things Are by Greg Westfall (Creative Commons)

My First Darkness (Part 1): Night Terrors, Junkies, and Gore Films

A winding and informal journey through a life of invited darkness. My first adventures in the altered reality of the dreamscape were unsettling encounters with the darkness of my deep consciousness, struck as a child by what my parents called ‘night terrors’. Manifesting somewhere between wakefulness and sleeping, I remember...

Trip RD97 by Gwendal Uguen Follow (Creative Commons)

A Pipe of Salvia

This is an extract from the novel Erin – featured in our latest journal – the book is available from both the Psychedelic Press UK bookshop and Amazon. Have I slept? I thought so, though I couldn’t be sure. My dreams had been so real; my reality seemingly but dreams....

by Paul Hessell (Creative Commons)

Reflections on the Ethnobotanical Stewardship Council & the Psychedelic Renaissance

A group of experts under the banner of the Brazil-based NEIP (International Group for Psychoactive Studies) has recently released a ‘Statement Critiquing the Ethnobotanical Stewardship Council (ESC).’ ESC, if you don’t know, is a nonprofit launched in late 2013 and dedicated to “assuring the sustainability and safe use of traditional...

by Martijn (Creative Commons)

Rise of Cannabis in Modern Medicine

The rise of cannabis in modern medicine has been remarkable. Duncan Thomson investigates the many medicinal uses of cannabis that are have been uncovered in recent years, and the extent to which this much maligned plant has stood up to the medical plate.

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