Author: Andy Roberts


Undercover: Operation Julie – the Inside Story by Stephen Bentley

As a historian of LSD culture in Britain (author of Albion Dreaming (2008) and Acid Drops: Adventures in Psychedelia (2015) with a special interest in the people and events which coalesced into what has become known in drug culture shorthand as Operation Julie, Steve was good enough to send me a...

Wales A Visitation

No Imperfection in the Budded Mountain: Allen Ginsberg and the writing of Wales Visitation By Andy Roberts

This article originally appeared in the Psychedelic Press  journal (2013) and also appears in Andy Roberts’ essay collection Acid Drops: Adventures in Psychedelia (2016) As a historian of LSD culture in Britain, I can honestly say I haven’t come across much LSD poetry. Verse written under the influence of, inspired by,...

The Chequered Sun by Edmond Griffith-Jones - Featured in PsypressUK 2012

Reservoir Drugs: The Enduring Myth of LSD in the Water Supply

This essay is featured in Andy Roberts’ collection Acid Drops: Adventures in Psychedelia (2016) When chemist Albert Hofmann’s accidental alchemy created LSD, a.k.a acid, in 1938 he unleashed on the world a drug so powerful that it had the power to permanently change lives and alter the individuals’ core beliefs...

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