Out of the Shadows: A Cornucopia from the Psychedelic Press

Out of the Shadows

Out of the Shadows

We are very delighted to able to announce the publication Out of the Shadows: A Cornucopia from the Psychedelic Press UK – Edited by Robert Dickins & Tim Read – which we teamed up with Muswell Hill Press to produce. Pick up your copy of this fabulous collection here.

From the back:

In their heyday, this remarkable group of psychoactive substances were believed to hold great promise for treating medical conditions, assisting psychotherapy, fuelling creativity and allowing profound spiritual experiences, however political reaction and legal restrictions pushed their use back into the shadows in the mid 1970s.

Currently there is a resurgence of interest into their clinical and therapeutic use. Research is gathering real momentum and some of the traditional misinformation and stereotypes are being reversed. This collection of original papers from the Psychedelic Press UK journal takes us on a fascinating journey through such topics as: 

– Use of psychedelics in medicine and psychotherapy
– Archetypal psychology and spiritual awakenings
– Creative surges – literature, myth and visionary art
– Philosophical theory to ayahuasca healing
– The great questions of life and death

Praise for PsypressUK: “Florid as psychosis, poetic as the elements, insightful as meditation and intellectual as the noosphere: PsyPressUK is a ragtaglledy mag loaded with psychedelic word mongery from far-flung medicine bags and the academy’s finest pharmacographers, and this anthology assembles the best of those essays in one book. Not just writing on drugs, but writing about drugs, with the light fully switched on.” – Dr David Luke

ISBN: 978-1908995186

Pages: 222

Price: £12.95

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