Beetroot Books Crowdfunder: New platform for independent writers

PsypressUK friends Beetroot Books have just launched a crowdfunder project with the aim of creating a new platform for independent writers (and planting lots of trees!):


We want to introduce ebooks from independent and mainstream publishers and promote independent writers by publishing their work directly to ebook formats commission free. For every book we sell we’ll also plant a tree. We want to provide a curated alternative for writers and readers.

We created Beetroot Books to champion independent publishers and progressive content; writings that address contemporary issues (environment, transition, spirituality) and that enlighten, promote positive values and inform across all ages.

We’re a distinctive, curated online bookstore that plants a tree for every book sold and now we aim to build a community of independent writers by offering them commission free publishing and selling of e-books. We also wish to further our support for green initiatives by attracting more customers.

Find more details on the project here:


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