Pre-Order PsypressUK 2013 (at 25% discount)

by Lucy BrownAfter the success of PsypressUK 2012, as an advert-free saddle-stitch freebie, which received orders from across the globe, the magazine is returning for 2013. The next edition is tripling in size and will be soft-bound, making it not only an important source of features, articles, research and comment on psychedelics, but also a beautiful object that you’ll wish to keep on your  bookshelf. Order a copy now! Filled with especially-commissioned illustrations – including a cover design by renowned Cornwall-based artist Lucy Brown - a matt finish and printed on high-quality paper, the magazine will, of course, remain advert-free. With so much extra space dedicated to content it is important to have a high calibre of words and this edition of PsypressUK has a host of excellent writers.

These include articles by Drs. David Luke and Ben Sessa, writing on the history of psychedelic researcher Steve Abrams, the current state of MDMA research in the UK and what it takes to become a psychedelic doctor. Also included are writers Robert Tindall (author of Jaguar that Roams the Mind) and Mark Flaherty (author of Shedding the Layers) who describe their phenomenal experiences taking ayahuasca in South America. Author of Albion Dreaming: A Popular History of LSD in Britain Andy Roberts’ article Reservoir Drugs explores the history of the ‘LSD in the water supply’ myth. And, in a particularly literary piece, About Yellow discusses  the role psychedelics play in allowing people to face their fears. Scott Teitsworth (author of Krishna in the Sky with Diamonds) examines the role of psychedelics in the creation myths of the world in his article The Golden Apples of Immortality. Michael Montagne elucidates the meaning and value of the psychedelic experience; the editor of the Paranthropology journal Jack Hunter looks at the history of psychedelic research in anthropology and, finally, Dimka Drewczynski examines the reality of our perceptions within the psychedelic-scope.

The cover price of PsypressUK – due to be published on 11 March 2013 – is £4 – but order now and receive a 25% discount.

Please allow 10 days delivery in the UK and 2-3 weeks delivery outside the UK (After the publication date of 11 March 2013).

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About Robert Dickins

Robert Dickins is a writer, author, and editor director of the Psychedelic Press UK


3 thoughts on “Pre-Order PsypressUK 2013 (at 25% discount)

  1. check out this interesting article about (a supposedly happening) psychedelic reinassance..:

    (in italian alas)

    Posted by Fefé | January 23, 2013, 00:40

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